Morrison Springs, Florida Ginnie Springs, Florida Troy Springs, Florida
Morrison Springs, Florida
Morrison Springs, Florida    

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Little River Springs, Florida  
    Ginnie Springs, Florida  

Underwater Photography Basics

1st Define subject matter.
2nd Set camera exposure, define and set distance adjust speed & light.
3rd Position body and be aware of your surrounding. (Sky Diver Position). Take Picture.

Underwater Photography is Different

  • No Neck straps and Lanyards
  • Don’t Jump with the Camera
  • Buoyancy control (Don’t wreck the reef assume the Sky diver position).
  • Apparent Distances (object appear to be one third further away)
  • Loss of Color
    20ft - Reds Disappear,
    30 to 40ft Oranges Disappear,
    60 to 70ft Yellows Disappear
  • Working with strobes
  • Maintenance is Critical

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